House Key (Real State Application)

InVision Sourcing owns this product, this is an in house development application that running successfully in Serbia. We are targeting the local real state market of Serbia under this application. Thus far, we have seen good response.

We have used latest technology stack to build this application.

Client: InVision Sourcing (Our Product)

Category: Web Application Development

Date: Since 2018

Backend Services

We have used Nodejs and PHP in the backend of this product. MySql database is being used, and the product is deployed on amazon.


In house team has done the graphics and UI/UX of the website.

Marketing & Promotions

We have expertise in targeted marketing and promotions. We know the market and are constantly in touch with local sellers and real state agents to bring them on board and bring traffic to website.

Maintenance & Updates

We take care of our products and are always taking doing updates and bug fixes. We have a team of developers working on changes requested or new features.