Khyber Shoes

Khyber Shoes is one of the most exciting project that InVision Sourcing did. We had real fun making this business grow and help them earn 3x money. InVision Sourcing provided Facebook marketing, promotions and SEO services to them.

Khyber Shoes enjoyed 3x profits on there sales on an average. If we break it down to daily or monthly basis it was even higher at times.

Client: Khyber Shoes

Category: Facebook Marketing

Date: Since 2016

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing and promotions were the responsibilities of InVision Sourcing and we made sure they get enough traffic on there store’s page. We handled their ad accounts and managed their financial plans as well

Target Audience

InVision Sourcing has a complete knowledge of latest marketing, SEO and optimization tools and tips. We utilized our skills to provide them the most accurate and targeted marketing campaigns and reach the right target audience.